Top 12 Mouth-Numbing Food Items to Buildup Spice Tolerance


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Top 12 Mouth-Numbing Food Items to Buildup Spice Tolerance

Are you someone who loves to try out spicy cuisines? Do you crave the euphoric feeling that accompanies eating spicy food items?

Among many Asian dishes, Chinese dishes would probably take the first place if we are talking about spice quotient. Most dishes are filled with chilies, and they have variants like chili oil, chili powder, etc.

What sets their cuisine apart is the perfect balance of spice and flavor, making their dishes a global favorite. A typical Chinese food list will contain dumplings, rice noodles, Kung Pao chicken, etc. However, here is a list of some lesser-known Chinese spicy food items that will make your mouth go numb:

The ‘Hot’pot

Hotpots are a common delicacy in Chinese households during winter found in every region of China. There are variations to the hotpot, where each region adds their traditional ingredients to the dish.

As the name suggests, hotpots are pots or saucepans placed on a stove that continues to burn until the meal is finished. Hotpots are generally enjoyed in groups.

You and your friends or your family can sit around the boiling pot of hot chicken stock, red chili sauce, raw meats, seafood, tofu, and vegetables in a bubbling pot, having a gala time, until your food is ready! 

The sauces used for hotpots are usually very hot. In China, you can ask for a non-spicy variant as well. This delicacy from Chongqing, China, is worth a try for someone who likes spicy and tongue-burning food.

Mapo Tofu

Having Chinese food in China is a whole different experience. Mapo Tofu takes this experience to a whole new level.

Mapo Tofu is a traditional Chinese dish from the Sichuan Province. It is made with tofu, ground pork, a spicy bean chili sauce, and Sichuan peppercorns. The peppercorns add zest to the dish, making it one of the spiciest dishes in the world!

Dan Dan Noodles

Hailing from Chengdu, China, Dan Dan noodles derive their name from the Chinese phrase for “carrying pole.” In ancient times, Chinese vendors carried these noodles on poles and sold them on the streets like modern-day street food vendors.

Dan Dan noodles contain ground pork, raw garlic, ground peanuts, and a searingly hot chili black bean paste as ingredients. It is found in almost every Chinese restaurant, however, people believe that the best ones are served in the restaurants of Chengdu, where they were first invented.

Glass Noodles

Glass noodles are the complete package – hot, spicy, and affordable!

Glass noodles were first invented in Chongqing, China, and are found in almost every street, marketplace, and restaurant in China. You will surely add it to the list of your favorites once you have eaten them!

Saliva Chicken

This is one of the simplest Chinese dishes. This dish contains chopped pieces of chicken breast boiled in a broth of chili sauce and sesame oil. The chili sauce comprises as many as 10 types of spices and sauces!

Saliva Chicken is the Chinese version of “Beauty in Simplicity.” When it comes to hotness, it is one of the spiciest Chinese dishes, and definitelynot for the faint-hearted!

Er Kuai Spicy Chicken

Chinese spicy food items can take you by surprise at times. Er kuai spicy chicken is a little understated when it comes to the visuals, until it hits your taste buds! 

Hailing from Yunnan, China, these are rice cakes that are steamed and stir-fried with chili peppers and deep-fried chicken. Er kuai spicy chicken might not look like it, but it can sweep you off your feet if you give it a try.

On top of that, this delicacy is underrated, and only a few restaurants serve it in China. 

Gan Guo

Invented in the Chinese province of Hunan, Gan Guo is a dish that can be personalized as per one’s choice.

You can choose your meat, tofu, and vegetables, and the dish is brought to your table, spiced with ginger, garlic, scallions, and red and green chili peppers. It is one of the spiciest Chinese dishes and is known to be less oily than the others.

Red Braised Pork

Favored by Mao Zedong, this dish is prepared with a lot of care. It is a delicacy in many Chinese restaurants and is served with utmost care.

It is a chili-laced pork dish from Hunan, representing the province’s love for local chili. Red braised pork is generally prepared for major festivals and enjoyed with friends and family.

Hot and Sour Fish Soup

Hot and sour fish soup is a Chinese dish that originated in the Chinese province of Guizhou. This dish does not have a fixed recipe.

It is cooked with marine fish like tuna or sardine boiled in broth chili oil, tomatoes, and local red chili peppers. The broth also contains locally sourced fermented vegetables to boost immunity.

Duo Jiao Yu Tou

The name translates as “Steamed fish head with chili.” It is a dish where the head of fish is steamed and presented with loads of chili.

Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao chicken is a comfort food for tourists in China because of its presence in restaurants worldwide. Called “gōng bǎo jī ding” in Mandarin, Kung Pao chicken is a strong contender in the competitionfor spicy Chinese dishes. It is chicken cooked in chili oil, red chili sauce, and other spices and served with chilis. 


Hailing from Shaanxi, this dish is served cold! It has a unique taste and contains thick noodles, flowers, and cucumber slices with lots of chili. It is often eaten with flat pork buns.


So, there you have it! These dishes are guaranteed to make you sweat, make your nose tingle and give you that delightful spice glow.

Whether you’re dining with your family, friends or even alone, these dishes are a must-try! However, ensure to understand your spice tolerance before trying these dishes. A handy tip is to eat 1-2 boiled eggs to coat your stomach lining; this prevents any burning or discomfort.

Happy eating!

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